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Best Meditation Podcasts in 2024

20 Best Meditation Podcasts in 2024: Lower Your Anxiety Levels

The world is becoming fast-paced with time, and finding time to relax and focus on self-reflection can be very hard. So in busy schedules, if you want to reduce your stress and anxiety, listen to the 20 best sleep cove meditation podcasts that will take you to explore the world of meditation practices and help you improve your focus.


The best meditation podcasts provide an accessible and very convenient way for the audience to learn tips, strategies, and meditation techniques to gain insights and experience from industry experts. The podcasts listed in this article cover various topics, styles, and formats and tell listeners’ experiences. So if you are looking for meditation, go through this article and find the best podcast for yourself.

The 20 Best Meditation Podcasts in 2024

Explore the world of podcasts on meditation by going through the 20 top meditation podcasts in 2024 and find the one that resonates according to your preference. With practice, focus, and practice, meditation can become a powerful tool for transforming your life and cultivating greater peace and happiness.

1. Wake Me Up

Wake me up is a podcast that can be a breakfast for positivity in the morning. The podcast aims to energize, inspire, and motivate listeners after waking up so they start their day with excitement. The podcast is hosted by Tyler Brown, who explores the morning routine and gives tips and tricks to listeners to start their day in the best possible ways.


The host discusses methods for calming anxiety, how to master discipline in your life, how to ignore your haters, and helps to understand that weakness can become your strength by deep diving into it and gives useful information that everyone must listen to improve their lifestyle.

Wake Me Up

2. 10% Happier With Dan Harris

The podcast is hosted by the New York best-selling author Dan Harris who started this podcast on the name of his book ” 10% Happier”. The podcast addresses the simple approach for the teachers of meditation. The host of this podcast invites guests who are experts in their fields, such as high-profile meditation teachers, bestselling authors, business owners, and others, to give their perspectives and insights on topics related to meditation so listeners can have more information.


This is one of the most popular podcasts among people because it allows listeners from any culture, background, religion, and experience to start practicing mindfulness. It also gives aware listeners about their consciousness, which is a very important part of knowing your true self.

10% Happier With Dan Harris

3. Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford

The Mindfulness Mode is hosted by Bruce Langford, who increases the ability of listeners to become more calm and joyful, focusing on mindfulness and the art of meditation. The podcast features expert guests like Pat Flynn, Nate Hoekstra, and Michael Pullman to discuss topics. The host makes conversational conversations, making the listeners feel like they are sitting in their home and Listening to him talk about difficult topics in such a gentle approach.


If you want to learn more about mindfulness, this is your podcast to listen to and get the information it offers you. You will learn from the interviews with experts who give tips and tell strategies on how to live a joyful life in all conditions.

Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford

4. On Being With Krista Tippett

On Being with Krista Tippett is one of the best medication podcasts; it has also been awarded a Peabody award because of the information and conversations about mindfulness that helped many listeners. This podcast explores and talks about the animating questions that are the core of our human lives, like what it feels like to be a human and how people want to live their lives; the host discusses these difficult questions in such a way that listeners can understand easily. The podcast interviews reputable guests such as Michael Sheen and Atul Gawande to get insights on topics. Every episode of this podcast is diverse, and the listening audience comes from different cultures, religions, generations, and political backgrounds.

On Being With Krista Tippett

5. Pathway to Happiness by Gary Van Warmerdam

If you are looking for a podcast that focuses on happiness and having more positivity in your life, then the Pathway to Happiness is the best podcast for you; hosted by Gary Van Warmerdam, who discusses the topics that revolve around happiness and gives valuable insights for activities on self-awareness that can help listeners to have more positivity into their life and avoid all the negative emotions to live a happy life. The new episodes of this podcast are aired once or twice a month on different topics. By listening to this podcast, listeners can focus on self-awareness, self-love, changing and evolving their core values of belief, and how to decrease emotional reactions during difficult situations and develop meaning in relationships.

Pathway to Happiness by Gary Van Warmerdam

6. Ram Dass Here and Now

Ram Dass Here and Now is a podcast hosted by a spiritual leader, author, and teacher of America. The podcast’s main focus is all about the spirituality of religion, specifically Hinduism. It explores and deeps dive into all the topics related to spirituality to give listeners a handful of information on spirituality. Each episode of this podcast is unique and diverse that discusses different ways to explore spirituality and gods and talk about meditation. The podcast launched 1-2 episodes per month, full of wisdom and knowledge from his experience of the past 40 years.

Ram Dass Here and Now

7. Tara Brach

If you are looking for a podcast on emotional healing, positivity, and spirituality, listen to the Tara Brach podcast hosted by a Western teacher on mindfulness meditation. The host discusses the topics related to spiritual awakening and emotional healing by blending Eastern practices and Western psychology to give listeners insights into the practice of Buddhism. Tara Brach is a talented host. She focuses on the mindful attention of humans and their engagement in the world and covers every topic by going in-depth to give listeners as much information as. Every episode of this podcast has something for everyone, so listen to this meditation podcast and explore positivity and mindfulness.

Tara Brach

8. Untangle

Untangle is a podcast that is focused on meditation and mindfulness. The podcast is famous because of the stories and perspectives that experts and common people share in this podcast about the changes in their life by incorporating mindfulness, which makes them better and changed people. The featured interviews in this podcast are full of information. It focuses on mediation and explores how it can be helpful and applied to our daily lives to improve them.


9. UCLA Meditation at the Hammer

The UCLA Meditation at the Hammer is a podcast hosted by Diana Winston, director of mindfulness education at MARV, who explores different themes every week. The host has a vast knowledge of meditation that she shares with listeners to give them a direction to follow meditation into their lives to make it better and learn about the new practice of life. Each episode of the podcast is based on a 30 minutes session that she conducts at UCLA’s Hammer Museum. So if you are new to meditation, this podcast is best for you to learn more about it.


10. Audio Dharma

If you are exploring Buddhism or looking to explore more about it, then Audi Dharma is a great podcast to listen to. In this podcast, Gil Fronsdal invites speakers who talk at the Insight Meditation Center and then later air it on the Audio Dharma podcast for the public to listen to. Each session of this podcast is focused on different parts of Buddha’s teachings to guide the listeners to help them end their suffering and free themselves. New episodes of this podcast are aired every Wednesday and Sunday, so tune in and listen to them to explore more about Buddhism.

Audio Dharma

11. Meditation Minis Podcast

The Meditation Minis Podcast provides listeners with information about what you need to find your focus, peace, and calmness. This podcast is hosted by Chel Hamilton, who is a talented host that gives guidance about meditation and how it is a great way for people to adopt and devote their specific time of day to the practice of meditation, which will help you to relieve the stress, anxiety and also overcome the negativity around you and build your confidence by listening to short sessions. People looking for meditation without doing anything religious, then listen to this podcast.

Meditation Minis Podcast

12. The Mindful Minute

The Mindful Minute is a podcast designed to help busy people who do not have time to start meditation; this podcast gives listeners a way to maintain meditation practice in busy schedules. Experienced instructor Meryl Amett hosts the podcast, and each episode revolves around guided meditation. So if you are a beginner with difficulty in concentration and time management, this podcast is best for you to focus on how to live a mindful, happy, and easier life. Overall this podcast is a great source for meditation practice to refresh their minds with a guiding atmosphere.

The Mindful Minute

13. The Daily Meditation Podcast

The daily meditation podcast covers various topics of mental health, stress, anxiety, and letting go of different things in our lives, making the meditation helpful and relevant. Hosted by Meckley, a meditation teacher who guides listeners and gives daily meditations under 10 minutes of the session, it makes it more accessible to fit this podcast into your daily schedule. Moreover, this podcast is a great way to motivate and inspire listeners to use it for research strategies to have a happy life.

The Daily Meditation Podcast

14. Exploring Awareness

Exploring Awareness is one of the best meditation podcasts Frank Anderson and Lisa Barry host. The podcast revolves around the ways to deal with life, the mindful practices by love discussions. Listening to these podcasts allows listeners to have different perspectives and authentically experience life without stress. The podcast aims to make a community of love, peace, and generosity which are the greatest power of life. You can explore awareness, restoration, stories that spark and news that will give you options to find peace and joy.

Exploring Awareness

15. I Should Be Meditating a good meditation podcast?

I Should Be Meditating is a podcast for people seeking an approachable way to do meditation in their daily life. Hosted by a talented person Alan Klima who tells stories about life’s struggles and hardships so listeners can relate to them and feel safe. With years of experience, the host shares his knowledge, tips, and strategies to help listeners meditate. The host has a laid-back teaching approach to hosting the podcast, which makes it easy for users to focus and learn about things easily.

I Should Be Meditating podcast

16. The Astral Hustle

The Astral Hustle is a podcast that revolves around meditation, hosted by Cory Allen, who discusses meditation and its importance in our daily lives. The host guides and advises an audience seeking to improve themselves and manifest self-love. This is one of the best meditation podcasts due to its format of taking questions from listeners and answering them by uncovering the limitations of our identities and telling us to look deeper into ourselves and find the true meaning of self-love.


Astral Hustle is not just a simple meditation podcast. Still, it is a unique blend of self-reflection and spiritual exploration topics that give insights into how you can unlock your mind and find your true potential to find clarity and peace in your life.

The Astral Hustle

17. The OneMind Meditation Podcast

Listen to one of the best meditation podcasts in 2024, “the Onemind Meditation Podcast,” hosted by a talented host, Morgan Dix. This podcast has a very engaging and accessible format where the host invites practitioners, meditation teachers, and other experts from the meditation industry to get more knowledge and diverse perspectives on several topics to make it more realistic and relatable for an audience so whenever they listen to the podcast they do not feel left out. In addition, every episode of the podcast gives listeners guidance about meditation for anyone who wants to explore meditation and mindfulness.

The OneMind Meditation Podcast

18. Rethinking With Adam Grant

Rethinking with Adam Grant is a podcast that features mindful and high-power industry experts like Satya Nadella, Mark Cuban, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Brené Brown, who explores topics that are related to the key to productivity, remote work, and also about businesses and how managers can care for their employees to have a better working environment. The podcast also discusses the systematic and personal shifts needed in our life. The host is on a journey to uncover the insights and science that can help listeners to be smarter. So listen to this podcast and inspire and motivate yourself.

Rethinking With Adam Grant

19. Speaking of Psychology

We live in chaotic times where many people suffer from mental illness, but most do not believe in this illness. Speaking of Psychology is one of the best meditation podcasts of 2024, hosted by Dr. Richard Davidson. This podcast is all about the practice of meditation and information about mental illness that all people need to know.


In this podcast, the host also invites guests from experts from the meditation industry who explore the medical practices used thousands of years ago and can help with the modern brains of people. Every episode of this podcast is worth listening to, so tune in and learn about meditation.

Speaking of Psychology

20. The Overwhelmed Brain

If you want to gain inner peace and clarity in your life, then an overwhelmed brain is your go-to podcast, hosted by Paul Colaianni, who explores all the things and reasons that cause stress, fear, and anxiety in our daily life. The podcast’s goal is to empower the listeners to live a healthy life with the guidance of experts.


This podcast focuses on different issues related to mental health and provides listeners helpful advice to make better decisions, positive behaviors, and adopt healthy habits. The host discusses new issues and their solutions in each podcast episode, so listen to this podcast carefully and get all your insights.

The Overwhelmed Brain

Benefits of listening to a meditation podcast

Meditation can be your mental health superhero, and these top podcasts are your sidekick. Unleash their powers and conquer life’s challenges with inner peace!

Improved Concentration

Meditation isn’t just about chanting and sitting cross-legged – it’s a powerful tool for boosting your mental and physical health. And guess what? You don’t need a mountaintop retreat to reap the benefits. Enter the wonderful world of meditation podcasts!

Enhanced Self-Awareness

Imagine closing your eyes, the soothing voice of a guide washing over you, and your mind gently unraveling like a lotus flower. Meditation podcasts paint a vibrant landscape of self-awareness, offering expert brushstrokes on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and much more. Step onto this inner canvas and let your true colors shine.

Improved Sleep Quality

Meditation is like a magic potion for your mind and body. Guided meditations help you release tension, quiet racing thoughts, and cultivate a sense of inner peace. This newfound calm can be your gateway to deeper, more restful sleep.

Decreased Anxiety

Life’s a rollercoaster, right? Work woes, family dramas, personal mountains to climb – it’s no wonder stress pops up like an uninvited guest at a tea party. But before you let anxiety hijack your happiness, reach for your headphones and tune into the calming oasis of meditation podcasts.

Increased Happiness

Podcasts aren’t just for entertainment anymore. They’re becoming a powerful tool for unlocking inner peace and boosting happiness. Think of them as your daily dose of mental sunshine, packed with effective meditation techniques, stress-busting strategies, and inspiring journeys toward self-discovery.

Increased Mindfulness

Want to ditch the distractions and rediscover your inner peace? Meditation podcasts are your passport to a journey of profound mindfulness and unlocked potential. Forget stuffy meditation retreats – these audio guides offer expert tips and techniques delivered straight to your earbuds, ready to help you transform your mind and connect with your true self.

Improved Emotional Health

Life throws curveballs, and sometimes anxiety and stress feel like unwelcome teammates. But there’s a hidden weapon in your arsenal: meditation podcasts. Packed with science-backed techniques and calming voices, these audio guides can be your stress-busting superpowers, helping you:

  • Unravel knotted thoughts and worries like untangling a messy string of lights.
  • Cultivate a sense of inner peace and calmness – imagine transforming your stress storm into a tranquil zen garden.
  • Develop self-awareness, understanding your triggers and learning to manage them like a seasoned surfer riding a wave.
  • Unleash the power of gratitude and turn worries into a treasure trove of appreciation.
  • Build resilience like a superhero, bouncing back from challenges with grace and strength.


The podcast Industry has a lot of genres available, and meditation is a genre that focuses on helping people improve their lives. Therefore, many podcasts are available on meditation, and finding the best podcast can become a challenging task. So, for our dear readers, we have listed the 20 best meditation podcasts for you, so you can find the best podcast for you.


The podcast help listeners improve their emotional and mental health by reducing stress and cultivating mindfulness. If you are doing meditation daily or looking to start, go through the article and find the best podcast for yourself by listening to the discussions and techniques on the latest research topics of meditation.


Q1: Are there any best meditation podcasts of 2024?

Yes, many podcasts are available on meditation in 2024, such as “10% Happier with Dan Harris,”  “The Daily Meditation Podcast,” and many others.

Q2: What makes these meditation podcasts stand out from others?

These meditation podcasts offer listeners a unique way of meditation and help them unlock their potential. Every podcast combines storytelling with mindfulness exercises to create a more immersive experience.

Q3: Are these meditation podcasts suitable for beginners?

Yes, these podcasts are suitable for beginners, and everyone because it offers them guided meditations and simple mindfulness practices that can help listeners establish a regular meditation practice, regardless of their experience level

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