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The 17 Best Conservative Podcasts for Keeping Up with the Latest News and Trends

Conservative Podcast is a podcast about conservative ideas and thinkers. We explore what the podcast means about conservative ideas and thinkers. We explore what it means to call yourself a conservative, where conservatism has been, and where it’s going.


An increasingly prominent Republican podcast is emerging as a conservative alternative to the kind of political media progressives have monopolised for years: partisan, edgy-often-unpopular entertainment shows that nonetheless attract powerful news makers.


However, if you’re looking for the best ‘conservative podcasts’ — meaning, the most popular and best put together — you can’t go wrong with these.

Brief Description about Conservative Podcaster

Conservative pundits are the only demographic more likely to podcast than New York City comedians with fewer than 2,000 Twitter followers. Considering that most Republican voters only learned about Facebook last year, it seems inexplicable, but the iTunes charts don’t lie.


From studiously obscure “classical liberals” to MAGA enthusiasts, every conservative of note has an absurdly successful podcast where they sleep through D-grades with the daily news.


Conservative podcasts never have gimmicks or clever titles (save for The Daily Shoah, which is too racist for me to talk about here), instead serving as a free form repository for a pundit’s excess ranting energy.


They are not meant to be successful on their own merits, but to extract additional money and engagement from the most unfamiliar segments of the existing audience. Naturally, they are terrifying. Let me explain exactly how.

List of 17 Best Conservative Podcasts

After researching thousands of conservative podcasts our team found the 17 best podcasts for you. These are my recommendations for shows that portray a comprehensive, reasonable, intelligent take on many leading conservative political issues.


If you lean left, this will give you an idea of ​​where many of the positions and arguments of conservatives come from. If you’re right-leaning, you should already be enjoying these podcasts.


Either way, I encourage everyone to listen to them in order to better understand the views from the right and try to create a better environment for open discourse.


Here’s the list –

  1. Breaking Battlegrounds
  2. The Daily Wire
  3. Louder With Crowder
  4. The Sean Hannity Show
  5. The Megyn Kelly Show
  6. The Laura Ingraham Podcast
  7. Pragertopia – The Dennis Prager Show Podcast
  8. The Tom Woods Show
  9. The Mark Levin Show
  10. The American Conservative
  11. The Federalist Radio Hour
  12. The Erick Erickson Show
  13. The Glenn Beck Program podcast
  14. The Todd Starnes Show
  15. The Matt Walsh Show podcast
  16. The Ben Shapiro Show
  17. Conservative Minds Podcast

1. Breaking Battlegrounds

Breaking Battlegrounds is a show that digs into the mess our country’s progressive policies and politicians have made. They discuss the politics, culture and policies that are affecting our daily lives. The gridlock mess politicians have created in our city, state and Washington DC shows a crash-on with policy.


They discuss progressive policies and interview elected officials, prominent journalists and candidates who are shaping the world we live in today. Breaking Battlegrounds hosted by Sam Stone and Chuck Warren. (Sam Stone, is Chief of Staff for Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio – one of the few conservative warriors left standing in our biggest cities and Chuck Warren is the Managing Director of September Group, LLC, a public affairs, crisis communication and initiative qualification company). He is chief of staff to Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCicci. One of the few conservative warriors standing in our largest city. This is one of the best shows.

2. The Daily Wire

The Daily Wire” is the best news conservative Podcast where you can find news and opinions from a conservative point of view. It’s not just one Podcast but a whole network of podcasts and articles.


People who work at “The Daily Wire” talk about politics, culture, and other important things. They believe in smaller government, personal freedom, and traditional values.


You can listen to their podcasts or read their articles to get their take on what’s happening in the world. They often share news stories and give you their perspective on them.


People who like “The Daily Wire” usually agree with their conservative views. They use this website to stay informed about the news and hear conservatives’ thoughts.


So, “The Daily Wire” is like a place where you can find conservative news and opinions all in one spot, whether you want to read or listen.

daily wire podcast

3. Louder With Crowder

Steven Crowder is the host/creator/name of the biggest conservative show on YouTube. Boasting nearly 5.5 million subscribers on this single platform. The show has1+ million followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively.


Louder with Crowder is changing the political, cultural and news landscape. Both old media and Big Tech know this. In 2016, a Gizmodo report alleged that Facebook purposefully throttled Crowder’s videos, later confirmed by a Project Veritas investigation. YouTube’s CEO called out Crowder even after shaking up the system, forever known as the “Vox adpocalypse.”


His blend of insightful, unique commentary and comedic flair has set numerous viral benchmarks. His “Change My Mind” videos became milestones: critics rated “Change My Mind” as one of the best memes of 2018. Change My Mind” has over 40 million views on YouTube. Most recently, Crowder’s 2020 election broke records with live streams, surpassing the combined streams of legacy media staples ABC, NBC, MSNBC and CBS.

4. The Sean Hannity Show

The Sean Hannity Show” is a popular Republican conservative podcast hosted by Sean Hannity, a well-known conservative television and radio host. In this Podcast, Sean talks about politics, news, and current events from a conservative perspective.


Sean often shares his opinions on various topics, including government policies, elections, and important issues facing the United States. He also interviews guests, including politicians, experts, and other notable figures, to discuss their views and insights.


Listeners of “The Sean Hannity Show” tune in to hear his conservative viewpoints and to get a better understanding of the political landscape from a right-wing angle. It’s a way to stay informed about current events and politics, especially if you align with conservative values and ideas.

sean hannity

5. The Megyn Kelly Show

The Megyn Kelly Show is your home for open, honest and provocative conversations with today’s most interesting and important political, legal and cultural figures. No BS. There is no agenda. No more fear.


The Mega Kelly Show hosts Megyn Mary Kelly. The Show, which airs live daily on SiriusXM. The Megyn Kelly Show started in September 2017.

The Megyn Kelly Show

6. The Laura Ingraham Podcast

The Laura Ingraham Podcast” is the best news conservative podcast audio program you can listen to online. It’s hosted by a woman named Laura Ingraham. She is well-known for her conservative views and for being a TV and radio host.

In this Podcast, Laura Ingraham talks about important topics to her and her listeners. These topics often include politics, current events, and cultural issues. She shares her own opinions and invites guests to talk with her. These guests can be experts, politicians, or others with something interesting to say.


Laura Ingraham’s Podcast allows people who agree with her conservative ideas to get news and analysis from a perspective they like. It’s also a way for people who might not agree with her to hear different viewpoints and learn more about conservative thinking.


Overall, “The Laura Ingraham Podcast” is a place to hear about important issues in a way that’s easy to understand, even if you’re new to politics or conservative ideas. It’s like conversing with Laura Ingraham and her guests about the things that matter today.

The Laura Ingraham Show

7. Pragertopia – The Dennis Prager Show Podcast

Broadcast from Carroll’s home station in Los Angeles, Dennis Prager’s show is heard across the country. Everything in life – from politics to religion to relationships – is grist for Denise’s mill. If it’s interesting, if it affects your life, Dennis will talk about it – with passion, humour, insight and wisdom. Listen to Dennis and change your life – for good. His shows change people’s lives with interesting, effective and day-to-day topics. If we talk about the quality of content, it is diverse. It takes topics from America, the West, and the Judeo-Christian value system. The main motive for choosing a diverse topic is to make them feel everyone connected and inspired. These attributes make this one of the top conservative podcasts.


Dennis Prager hosts a Pragertopia – The Dennis Prager Show podcast. He is one of America’s most respected and influential thinkers, writers, and speakers. Every day, he tackles issues of politics, faith and culture with ease and skill. His motto is, “I prefer clarity to agreement.” He is deeply passionate about preserving America, the West, and the Judeo-Christian value system.

8. The Tom Woods Show

The Tom Woods Show” is a podcast where a man named Tom Woods talks about different topics in a way that’s easy to understand. He often talks about ideas that are conservative and libertarian, which means he believes in limited government and individual freedom.

Tom Woods invites guests to his show who share these ideas, and they discuss things like economics, politics, history, and more. It’s a place where people who have similar beliefs can come together to learn and have conversations.

Tom Woods is known for making complex ideas simple and interesting, so even if you’re not familiar with these topics, you can still enjoy and learn from his podcast. If you’re interested in conservative and libertarian viewpoints, “The Tom Woods Show” might be a podcast you’d like to listen to.

The Tom Woods Show

9.. The Mark Levin Show

The Mark Levin Show is a conservative talk radio show. It is hosted by Mark Levin. The show is broadcast nationally on Westwood One and reaches an estimated seven million weekly listeners, according to an estimate by Talkers magazine; this huge number of followers makes this conservative Podcast worth listening to.


Talkers’ estimates tie Levine’s audience with The Glenn Beck Radio Program for the fourth-most-listened-to talk radio program in the United States and, counting all radio formats, the seventh-most-listened-to radio program. United States.

The Mark Levin Show

10. The American Conservative

The American Conservative” is a website and magazine that talks about politics and ideas from a conservative point of view. They discuss different topics, like government, culture, and society.


The people who write for “The American Conservative” share opinions that lean toward smaller government and more traditional values. They often talk about how these ideas can help the country.


People visit the website or read the magazine to learn more about conservative views on important matters. It’s where you can find articles and information representing a particular way of thinking about the world.


In summary, “The American Conservative” is where you can read and learn about conservative ideas on politics and society. It’s like a resource for understanding the thoughts and opinions of people with these conservative beliefs.

11. The Federalist Radio Hour

This is another conservative political podcast featuring interviews and discussions with various guests on various topics. The podcast is produced by The Federalist, a conservative online magazine founded in 2013 by Ben Domenech, who also hosts The Federalist Radio Hour.


The show covers various political and cultural topics, from national security and foreign policy to economics and social issues. The guests on the show include prominent conservative thinkers, journalists, politicians, and experts in various fields.


The podcast aims to provide a conservative perspective on current events and issues and to offer a platform for intelligent and thoughtful discussion and debate. In-depth interviews, insightful analysis, and an engaging and accessible style characterize the show.


In addition to the regular weekly episodes, The Federalist Radio Hour also features special episodes and series, such as “The Great Books,” which explores classic works of literature from a conservative perspective, and “Against the Mob,” which looks at the dangers of mob rule and the importance of free speech and individual rights.

The Federalist Radio Hour

12. The Erick Erickson Show

The Erick Erickson Show” is the best right-wing Podcast hosted by a man named Erick Erickson. In this Show, Erick talks about different topics but often focuses on politics and current events.


Erick Erickson has conservative beliefs, which means he has certain ideas about how the government should work and how people should live. He shares these ideas in his Podcast.

People listen to “The Erick Erickson Show” to hear his thoughts about politics and worldwide events. It’s a way for them to get a conservative perspective on important issues.


In simple terms, “The Erick Erickson Show” is a podcast where you can hear a conservative viewpoint on various topics, especially politics and current events. It’s a way for people to stay informed and hear different opinions.

13. The Glenn Beck Program podcast

The Glenn Beck Program is a popular podcast that covers a wide range of topics, including politics, history, and culture. The conservative podcast host is known for his bold and controversial opinions and willingness to challenge conventional wisdom. He strongly advocates individual liberty, limited government, and free-market capitalism. 


The host is known for his bold and controversial opinions and willingness to challenge conventional wisdom. He strongly advocates individual liberty, limited government, and free-market capitalism. 


The podcast features interviews with politicians, journalists, and other prominent figures. Beck also offers his analysis and commentary on the day’s news, and he often incorporates humor and pop culture references into his discussions, making the show accessible and engaging.


The Glenn Beck Program is aimed at a conservative audience. One thing that makes the podcast one of the best conservative podcasters is that it uses historical analogies to earn points about current events. He frequently draws parallels between contemporary issues and events from the past, such as World War II, the American Revolution, and the fall of the Roman Empire. 


The podcast is famous and has a large and devoted audience, many of whom appreciate Beck’s honesty and willingness to speak his mind. However, he has also faced criticism from those who disagree with his views, particularly on controversial topics such as immigration and social issues. So, whether you agree or disagree with Beck’s views, there is no denying that he is a passionate and engaging commentator worth listening to.

The Glenn Beck Program

14. The Todd Starnes Show

The Todd Starnes Show” is a radio program hosted by Todd Starnes. In this Show, Todd talks about politics, culture, and news from a conservative point of view. This Podcast is listed in the top 17 best conservative podcasts.

Todd Starnes is known for his conservative beliefs, which means he has certain ideas about how the government should work and how society should operate. He shares these ideas and opinions in his Show.

People listen to “The Todd Starnes Show” to hear Todd’s perspective on current events and important issues. It’s a way for them to stay informed about the news and to get a conservative viewpoint.

In short, “The Todd Starnes Show” is a radio program where you can hear a conservative perspective on various topics, especially politics and culture. It’s a way for people to learn and think about different ideas in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

ToddCast Podcast with Todd Starnes

15. The Matt Walsh Show podcast

The Matt Walsh Show is hosted by Matt Walsh, a writer, speaker, and commentator known for his strong opinions and blunt communication style. In addition, Walsh is known for his unapologetic approach to discussing controversial topics, and the podcast reflects this in its content. 


From a conservative perspective, the show covers various topics, including politics, culture, and social issues. The podcast addresses divisive issues such as abortion, transgenderism, and race relations, and Walsh is not afraid to express his views on these topics directly and aggressively.


Despite the often contentious subject matter, The Matt Walsh Show is also known for its humor and entertainment. He has a talent for using sarcasm and wit to make his points, and his commentary is often laced with pop culture references and humorous analogies.

The Matt Walsh Show podcast

16. The Ben Shapiro Show

The Ben Shapiro Show is a daily political podcast hosted by American commentator, author, and lawyer Ben Shapiro. The podcast covers political topics and news stories, offering Shapiro’s conservative perspective on current events and issues. The show is produced by The Daily Wire, a conservative media company founded by Shapiro in 2015, and is available for streaming on various platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube.


The Ben Shapiro Show is a popular and influential conservative podcaster that provides a unique perspective on current events and political issues. With its engaging style and thought-provoking analysis, the podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to listen to conservative issues.


The host is known for his bold approach to political analysis and willingness to challenge the prevailing narrative on controversial topics. His hosting style is characterized by his rapid-fire delivery, sharp wit, and direct approach to discussing issues.  


The podcast features a variety of segments, including “The Daily Wire Backstage,” where other Daily Wire commentators join Shapiro to discuss current events and answer the listener’s questions.  The hosts also feature interviews with politicians, authors, and other prominent figures in the conservative movement.

The Ben Shapiro Show

17. Conservative Minds Podcast

The Conservative Minds podcast is one of the best that discusses conservative ideas and principles. The podcast is hosted by two conservative intellectuals, Corey Astill and Kyle Sammin, who have extensive experience in law and politics. The podcast explores the conservative intellectual tradition and promotes conservative ideas thoughtfully and nuancedly.


The podcast also features interviews with conservative scholars and intellectuals and provides listeners with diverse perspectives on conservative ideas. The hosts of this podcast are well-versed in conservative political theory and draw on a wide range of sources to support their arguments. The hosts often give reference to the classic conservative texts, such as the works of Edmund Burke and Russell Kirk, as well as more contemporary works by thinkers such as Charles Murray and Patrick Deneen.


The podcast also addresses current political issues and events and gives insightful commentary, providing listeners with a conservative perspective on the day’s news. It also offers thoughtful analysis, engaging discussions, and a commitment to the intellectual perception that is rare in today’s political discourse.


Suppose you are looking for the best conservative podcasts. In that case, you are at the right place because, in this blog, we have listed all the Conservative podcasts that are valuable for conservative ideas and principles. 


Many great conservative podcasters are available with much information and insights on the latest news, politics, and social issues from a conservative perspective. However, the best conservative podcasts provide well-researched and well-informed commentary, analysis, and discussion while promoting civil discourse and respectful debate.


So, if you want to hear different political viewpoints, explore the world of conservative podcasts. With so many great options, you will find a podcast that resonates with your values and interests and helps you stay up-to-date.

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